Chronic Pain Ocala FL Patient Testimonial at Integrative Healthcare & Physical Medicine, Ocala

Chronic Pain Ocala FL Patient Testimonial at Integrative Healthcare & Physical Medicine, Ocala

Chronic Pain Ocala FL Patient Testimonial at Integrative Healthcare & Physical Medicine, Ocala

Chronic Pain Ocala FL Patient Testimonial at Integrative Healthcare & Physical Medicine, Ocala

“We came to Integrative Health Care to help alleviate years of chronic pain. We were both very concerned in the beginning about finding the right doctor to care for all our needs. The Integrative Health Care office is a state of the art facility, offering therapy along with chiropractic adjustments. We love the highly skilled staff & the minimal wait time are a bonus! Thank you Integrative Health Care. It is an exhilarating feeling to be rid of our pain after all these years!”

- E. Varley and J. Varley

“This is the BEST office for your chiropractic needs. I have been a patient of Integrative Health Care for over 3 years and have always felt like family and they have always gone above and beyond my expectations for a Dr’s office. Trust me I have tried the rest and finally found the BEST!! =)”

- A. Vazquez

“So thankful for the wonderful care, attention, and dedication to making not only myself but my family healthy. The office is top notch in not only creating a plan to get you healthy, but also in making you feel like you are part of the family from the first visit. I enjoy my time spent with such wonderful people and such an amazing doctor. Integrative Health Care cares about all of his patients, never makes you feel as if you were a number, and always takes extra time to ask how I am doing. He stays present in what is happening in my life and is attentive to any of my concerns. Wellness does not get any better than at this office!”

- E. Brewer

“I love the Clinic. Why, great people and no neck pain! What more could one ask for.”

- D. Tucker

“The level of service is fantastic. Having been a customer for many years, I am consistently impressed by the professionalism of every staff member I have come in contact with. Thank you!””

- A. Johnson

“I came to Integrative Health Care with chronic pain in my neck and lower back and my dreams of running my 1st marathon slowly fading away. I quickly saw how my goals had become their goals. In Integrative Health Care’s capable hands, and with the help of their knowledgeable and energetic staff, I am a proud finisher of the Disney Marathon.”

- Katie

“We came to Integrative Health Care looking for some relief for our daughter’s scoliosis. In a short period of time Integrative Health Care’s treatment helped her to be pain free and sleep through the night. After achieving such wonderful results, the rest of our family decided to give it a try. The treatments have enabled all of us to work, go to school, and to play sports again without pain. The facility has helped to keep our whole family healthy!”

- Demary Family

“I had been using conventional methods for TICS (involuntary muscle spasms) through the use of prescription medicine and had even proposed the thought of surgery. Nothing had provided relief until I sought out help from Integrative Health Care as my last option. Through the experiences I had and results I have seen, I regret not going sooner. My TICS have recessed 100% and I no longer feel any discomfort as a result of the care provided by the team. I would highly recommend Integrative Health Care as an initial outlet for care, before exploring any other routes.”

- Charlie

“Through Integrative Health Care’s care, I now can do the things I want to do with my children. Limited through the years with scoliosis, I know I am leading a happy and healthy lifestyle now.”

- Joe


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